Create your own Party Makeup Cleanser – Using vitE

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As we turn our attention towards climate change, and the environment, it is clear to see that we all need to reduce our consumption and waste. You may start to list the number of beauty products that you use, or that are stored in the back of cabinets (maybe even last years Christmas presents yet to be opened..! 🙂 It’s not long before you might realise the sheer volume of beauty chemicals that each household washes into the waterways on a daily basis.

Facial cleansers, day moisturisers, night creams, facial serums [or equivalent treatment product,] exfoliates, masks, toners, body creams, foot cream, body scrub and thats not even starting to list all the bath and shower gels, or hair products. Many products, often full of unnecessary chemicals, and with a large carbon footprint relating to their manufacture and distribution.

What if we could simplify some of these products down to one natural product, made locally, without the unnecessary chemicals, that is better for the environment and that can complete our daily beauty needs?

This is why I have developed two core, universal products, vitE & vitE light, that you can use for many of your daily skincare needs. Both use organic, natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, and by using one core natural and organic product in your skincare regime, we are massively reducing the need to use chemicals that can harm and pollute marine life and waterways. You can still have your weekly mask, exfoliate and anti-aging cream by following my recipes, mixing dynamic additional ingredients into the vitE or vitE light cream, thus cutting down on the need for endless chemicals to stabilise a simple face mask, body scrub or a make-up cleanser.

Which brings us to todays vitE blend – today I will be showing you how to make my vitE into your own Party Makeup Cleanser. This is one sensitive cleanser that means business, and will gently remove heavier evening and party makeup foundations, waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. It’s a simple, easy-to-make, and cost effective product blend, reducing the need for endless different containers in your makeup bag, or in your luggage whilst travelling.

Let me know what you think in the comments section of the YouTube video. Enjoy! 🙂

Party Makeup Cleanser

Made using vitE – Suitable for all skin types


5g – [approx’ 1 heaped teaspoon] vitE Cream

0.5ml [approx’ 1/2 teaspoon = 10 drops] Organic Castor Oil.


I x small bowl, or jar for mixing in

1 x stainless steel teaspoon


  • In a clean, small jar or bowl, pump the VitE cream then add the 10 drops [1/2 teaspoon] of Organic Caster Oil and mix thoroughly.
  • Apply liberally to the face and neck, taking care around the eyes. Remove with a damp flannel, or sponge. Repeat if necessary.
  • Once cleansed, pat dry and moisturise with 1 pump of vitE.
  • If you are wanting to mix up larger quantities, you can do this too, but remember to store in a sealed jar in the fridge and use within 72 hrs.

This cleanser recipe will leave your skin gently cleansed and make up free. Once your skin is cleansed just add a little extra vitE onto your skin as your moisturiser, and probably have a large glass of water before you go to bed 😉

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